Looking Ahead with Astute Vision

Think big: Real estate projects demand vision, passion and capital. The ability to maintain an overview of all the facets of these projects – whether new building projects, old building renovations or marketing existing properties – requires long-term coordination and forward-looking project management. Meticulous project planning and conception are key, along with responsibly guiding the project every step of the way – particularly when launching large-scale projects. Here at DR. RIESE GRUPPE, we are committed and forward-looking, and we take the time to consult and communicate one-on-one. That’s the only way to balance creativity and functionality. In the end, it takes a leap of faith when future ideas start to take shape and something special emerges.


One step further: Our expertise in project development is based on more than 30 years of experience in the real estate field. Real estate expert and Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst (CREA) Dr. Hans-Jürgen Riese is at the center of our successful project management and creation of living space. With his comprehensive training in the areas of business administration, economics and law as well as degrees in business administration, economics and as a doctor of political science, he is a loyal and reliable partner. His profound competence allows Dr. Riese to take on different points of view throughout all steps of the project and thus for example detect risks early on from an investor’s perspective and to offer both micro- and macroeconomic solutions.